Remote Patient Wellness Assessment

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Inspiring Patient Wellness on a whole new level

Get Vitals from your patients in seconds, remotely, in 3 simple steps

Get Vitals from patients

Send a message to your patient via email/sms or your EPR platform

remote patient's vital signs

Patient accepts link and clicks start, holding their face in position for 30-60 seconds


Vitals are extracted and sent to the physician in real time


Why do you need a remote patient's vital signs?


Remote patient triage saves time and provides a better result, by extracting key vitals from the patient in an easy to use way, the healthcare professional  now has additional information in providing the care to the patient. We call this the “first line of defence” and we deliver this in an easy to use 3 step process.

No App download needed!


The patient simply clicks a link on their mobile phone or their laptop. Looks at the camera for 30-40 seconds and the data is extracted, this data is then sent to the doctor or healthcare provider before/during or post consultation. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Disclaimer : This is not a medical device, it should be used by the physician to gain data from the patient, allowing them to make informed decisions.

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Our solutions are not a replacement for a healthcare professional and our solution does not diagnose, prevent, provide any treatment for any form of illness or disease.

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