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Remote health
monitoring for pets


Our AI-powered contactless respiration monitor solution helps to remotely monitor respiratory rates of pets, without contact. Now virtual veterinary care integrates artificial intelligence in pet care.

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The world’s first contactless monitoring solution
for pets


Pet Tracking

Our solution is able to intelligently locate a pet in a video feed and lock onto key regions on the body.

Signal Analysis

Using our proprietary technology, we are able to extract signals by amplifying body movements.

Vitals Calculation

We use the extracted signals to calculate respiratory rate parameters in real-time.

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Reducing a pet’s risk of
congestive heart
failure (CHF)


Reduce costly hospitalizations

Our solution can help a veterinary professional spot early signs of deterioration in a pet’s condition that can be indicative of CHF.

Understand pets in more detail

By monitoring a pet’s respiratory rate over time, you can better understand their baseline rates and be alerted to deviations away from the baseline.

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Enhancing the world of virtual veterinary care

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Veterinary Telehealth

Offer users the ability to remotely monitor their pet’s respiratory rate using our solution to better inform care pathways.

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Pet Insurance

Remotely assess the health risk of policy holders and improve underwriting methodologies for pets.


Deliver your own
branded feature for
remote monitoring

Using our technology stack, you can whitelabel our solutions using our SDK. Our SDK is developer friendly and allows you to enhance your offering to your user base.
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Studies show that respiratory
rates of dogs that were greater
than 41 breaths/min were highly
predictive of CHF

  1. Schober KE, Hart TM, Stern JA, et al. Detection of congestive heart failure in dogs by Doppler echocardiography. J Vet Intern Med. 2010;24:1358-1368.

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Yes, our solution works on any latest generation mobile phone.

Cost is dependent on the use case and can be discussed with your account manager.

We have a team ready to support the integration into your solution, we’ve made it easy and the process can be seemless.

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