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How to detect Deepfakes

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What are Deepfakes?


Deepfakes are computer generated videos of individuals in which one person can impersonate someone else’s likeness. They involve of machine learning techniques such as generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Danger sign

Why are they a problem?


Deepfakes can be used for identity fraud, causing huge problems for the biometric authentication industry. For example, the technique can be used in a video spoof attack whereby a deepfake is matched with a stolen ID to bypass authentication checks. This is causing a growing concern for biometric authentication firms due to the increase in the frequency and success rate of fraudulent attacks, leading to lost revenue and consumer confidence.

How we solve this


At Vastmindz we are now able to provide an enhanced biometric authentication check by verifying that a person in a video exhibits human physiology. 

We generate a spectrogram (see image) of their physiological signal to determine this. A real person’s spectrogram will have a clear singular beam, but deepfakes will not.

Our process


Facial scan

Reading will last between 10-15 seconds.

Analysis in progress

Our solution will detect for human physiology.

Confidence score

Output probability value showing the likelihood of authenticity.


Outcomes you can expect

  • Verified human authentication
  • Increased validation speed
  • Reduced fraud
  • Improved customer experience 

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Our Solutions

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