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The passenger journey is rapidly transforming with the adoption of new technologies. Contactless health screening is now becoming essential to accurately and efficiently monitor an individual’s physiological signals as seamlessly as possible. Our technology offers the ability for users, passengers and crew members to conduct a quick & easy remote physiological check integrated as a health screening app from anywhere using a camera. In addition, the seamless integration of our technology with existing infrastructure allows for the contact at multiple touchpoints including on check-in pods or at passport control.

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Passengers and crew members deserve to feel as safe as possible when travelling amid the pandemic. Making contactless health screening more accessible to the consumer not only keeps them more informed about their own health risk, but also helps airlines manage their business risk during these uncertain times.

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An example of a fit to fly journey

Built for fast & easy integration

Alert , flight open for boarding pass

Email/App notification that Flight is open.

Get a pre
health check

Perform a 30 second health assessment before the board pass is issued on the Airline App.

Test passed

All tests confirmed and ready for flight and journey to airport.

Arrive airport
health check

GPS location will alert user to perform another health assessment as entering the airport.

Go to
the gate

When flight is ready for boarding a further health check can be performed at the gate.

Boarding pass and health check pass

Boarding pass presented at gate prior to departure. Passenger boards the plane.

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Prioritising wellness during

Passenger safety is so important to enable the flow of passengers back to normality. Now you can perform health screening before passengers board a plane. Talk to our specialist team to learn how.

AI-powered insights for
health & wellness

Our solutions are not a replacement for a healthcare professional and our solution does not diagnose, prevent, provide any treatment for any form of illness or disease.

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