AI telehealth technology: The first line of defence

The future of telemedicine using AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI has the potential to transform telemedicine into full service virtual medical clinics, where a virtual physician is able to gain access to accurate patient clinical data, allowing them to make a decision about the next step of their care – all without ever seeing the patient face to face.

Telemedicine is accessible, fast, efficient, and cost effective. With AI telehealth technology, it becomes an accurate first choice medical solution for patients everywhere and a first line of defence in the journey of improving health outcomes.

Our remote diagnostics solution uses AI to enable patients to keep track of their vital signs, and relay that information to their telemedicine physician in real time. The telemedicine physician will have all the important information available in front of them, allowing them to make life saving decisions in an informed way.

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How AI works in telemedicine

As more and more doctors are taking consultations via phone or video call, they lose both face to face markers and diagnostic tools – effectively they go in blind. They have to rely on information from the patient or from what they can observe visually and audibly via a phone line or computer screen.

Our technology gives them a head start. We can measure their vital signs at any time, including while on the call, and send the data directly to their virtual physician during the consultation. The physician then uses this data to make an informed decision about the patient’s health at that very moment, and determine the best next steps.


Examples of use cases

For Doctors

Provide patients with ongoing care. Measure the impact of treatment plans, and get early warnings when things change.

For Psychiatrists

As more of your consultations take place via video call, measure your patient’s stress and anxiety levels in real time.

For Care Homes

Monitor your residents’ vital signs quickly and easily, get an overall picture of their health, detect changes and get early warnings of deterioration.

For Patients

Keep track of your vital signs, and gain awareness of your health. See progress when your treatment is working, or your health and fitness improves.

For First Responders

Get a head start on any emergency. See an overview of your patients’ vital signs to inform your initial assessment.

For Private Healthcare

Provide high quality ongoing care. See progress, detect problems early, and use vital signs data to inform your next steps.


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