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What if the simple act of looking into your smartphone camera reveals your vital physiology, through the use of innovative AI technology?

An overview of how it works.

We use your phone, we measure information about changes in light absorption on the skin that is reflective of your physiological condition. Such changes are captured within the pixel values of a camera image and we convert those changes into various physiological vitals.

20 RPM

Respiration Rate


Oxygen Sat. Level

AI Technology

64 BPM

Heart Rate

Normal / Low

Blood Pressure / Stress Level

How it works in more detail

We use proprietary signal processing and computer vision techniques to leverage remote photoplethysmography technology (rPPG).  rPPG allows for the uninterrupted control of human heart activity by detecting pulse colour changes in theshuman skin using a multi-wave RGB camera – such pulse colour changes are encoded within the changes in pixel values of a video feed.

Using facial landmark detection and normalising for motion, illumination, skin-tone variance and other noisy signals, we can accurately track key regions on an individual’s face that exhibit high signal-to-noise (SNR) ratios from which we extract a clean PPG waveform that relate to the necessary vitals that we’d like to measure. 

AI Technology

The phone camera is used to capture images of the individual, Much like taking a selfie video.

Health Selfi

The face is recognised, adjusted for light and focused zones are used to ensure we capture an accurate PPG signal. The images are sent to our cloud nodes for processing.

Health results

Once all computations are performed and a clean PPG signal is extracted, our alogrithms perform deep analysis to extract the vitals. The whole process is performed within 60 seconds.

The accuracy

We validate all of our measurements to the highest degree of accuracy against regulated medical devices, such as a Pulse Oximeter. At Vastmindz, we have run hundreds of trials across a range of individuals that are varied in age and ethnicity and our algorithms are continuously improving.

As more and more doctors are taking consultations via phone or video call, they lose both face to face markers and diagnostic tools – effectively they go in blind. They have to rely on information from the patient or from what they can observe visually and audibly via a phone line or computer screen.

Our technology gives them a potential head start. We can measure their vital signs at any time, including while on the call, and send the data directly to their virtual physician during the consultation. Please note that we are not a replacement to a regulated medical device.

We’re passionate about delivering accurate results and evolving our technology to improve the speed and accuracy of results. 

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What we are working on

Today we can remotely measure heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, stress and blood pressure. Our research team is constantly attempting to push the boundaries of our technology so that can measure even more physiological factors. Some of the physiological features that are under accelerated research development include:

  • Atrial Fibrillation Risk
  • Blood Glucose Levels
  • mTBI assessments

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