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Revealing an individual’s
physiology, without contact


Using our proprietary computer vision technology we are able to extract information about changes in light absorption on an individual’s facial skin that is reflective of their physiological condition. Such changes are captured within the RGB pixel values of camera frames and we convert those changes into various physiological vitals, using remote ppg signals delivered as a remote health monitor application for health and wellness.

97 BPM

Heart Rate



27 RPM

Respiration Rate


Oxygen Sat. Level

How it works in more detail


A remote health monitor delivered as an AI based health App

Face Tracking

By locking onto parts of the human face, we are able to initiate the process of extracting health trigger indicators and a remote ppg signal.

Signal Analysis

By measuring subtle changes in light absorption from the skin, we are able to extract physiological signals.

Wellness Analysis

Using our proprietary algorithms, we are able to convert those signals into a set of important health indicators.

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Our accuracy


We validate all of our measurements to the highest degree of accuracy against regulated medical devices. At Vastmindz, we have run hundreds of tests across a range of individuals that are varied in age and ethnicity and our algorithms are continuously improving.

Academic literature

If you’d like to find out more about our academic studies, please get in touch and a member of our research science team would be happy to share our methodology & studies with you.
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Our solutions are not a replacement for a healthcare professional and our solution does not diagnose, prevent, provide any treatment for any form of illness or disease.

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